The Web Never Forgets – How to Find Deleted Pages on the Internet

“The world out there is cold and unsafe”. That age long quote holds true for the web of things today. Every cloud service brand prouds itself as the safest, but over time many have been hacked by programmers from various parts of the world.

Today, we’ll focus on the most popular “Web Sheriff” in the world; Google BOT a.k.a Spider, a.k.a Web Crawler. This police officer basically has one job; to index the internet and gather relevant data for search processing and storage. And what Spider finds, Spider keeps. Forever.

The efficiency of Google BOT makes it easy for us to find lost things easily too. So let’s quickly find one lost page on the internet. Cherios Linda!

Linda Ikeji posted a story about Aliko Dangote’s opulent mansion in Abuja, Nigeria. YNaija discovered that the news was false, and in few minutes, Linda had pulled the story down.

linda aliko story down

it means the story has been deleted

So let’s find it. Shall we?

Find the story using relevant keywords

Find the story using relevant keywords

Your search must include the relevant keywords about the story you intend to search. Include the site name that you intend to draw the story from.


Remember, Spider keeps everything it finds. If it’s a deleted story or material, then you can find the cached (pronunced ‘cashed’) version of the page.


Yaga! That’s it. Simple as…


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