5 Productivity Apps You Should Cash in On

Mobile devices have come a long way over the last couple of years, we rapidly went from brick sized communication devices to paper thin intelligent machines.
Trust us, we do not throw the word “intelligent” around a lot; “Today’s smartphones have more computing power than NASA used to go to the moon in the 60’s”. (Pretty amazing huh?)
We are not going to be teaching you how to launch a rocket in this post (we just might soon :D), we will however be listing a couple of tools that’ll help you transform your “really cool” gadgets into very useful assistants.
Here is a List of Free mobile apps to help boost your productivity.


Task Management – Any.do 
If you don’t use any task management app, I wonder how you make it through the day (really, you must have super powers). From personal task management, to team task management, Any.do is proof that apps can be feature packed, simple and elegant at the same time.


Note Keeping – Evernote
Chances are if you don’t already use Evernote, you have at least heard about it (in which case, you owe to yourself to try it out). If productivity apps had a poster boy, it will be Evernote. It’s primarily a note keeping app, but calling it just that is doing it great injustice. It allows you schedule reminders for yourself, clip and annotate web-pages, re-format articles for readability and save them for later, make to-do lists, record voice memos, jot down meeting notes, and so much more (a whole lot more).

Cloud storage – Dropbox
There a variety of cloud storage apps out there, and frankly they are all amazing. Drop box makes our list because of how it’s native apps across all platforms easily integrates with the operating system. PC, Mac, Android or iOS, Dropbox runs equally well across all platforms. There, unfortunately are very few apps this can be said about.


Offline reading – Pocket
Say good bye to leaving a hundred browser tabs open because you plan to read them at some point. Pocket is a save for later app that’s so simple and straight forward. What’s the point you ask? Can’t you just bookmark the pages you are not ready to read? Well you can, except you need internet to open a saved bookmark. Yeap. Pocket works offline and online. Once you have a page saved to pocket, you can read it from any device (with the pocket app of course) whether you have internet connection or not.


Password/security – Last Pass
At first glance, last pass might not come off as a productivity app but after using it for a while, you’ll find it saves you a lot of headache. For someone with numerous accounts across the internet, remembering your all your passwords and sometimes username might be asking a little too much these days. with all the special characters, numbers, caps lock that different platforms require. Last Pass to the rescue, just add your passwords to the Last Pass vault and next time you visit the site, Last Pass logs in for you. Is it safe? You bet, “All sensitive data is encrypted and decrypted locally before syncing with LastPass. Your key never leaves your device, and is never shared with LastPass. Your data stays accessible only to you”.
Bonus – All Google productivity apps
While Google might not have the best app in a certain category, they are certainly always worth a try.
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