Windows 10 reaches 75 Million Devices in Less Than a Month

It has been less than a month that Windows 10 became publicly available and free to download for users of Windows 7 & 8 and in that time, over 75 million devices now run Windows 10.

According to the Corporate Vice President, Windows and Devices Group at Microsoft, Yusuf Mehdi, there have also been more six times more downloads in the store per device than for Windows 8.

Cortana has also told over half a million jokes in response to ‘tell me a joke’ and over 90000 unique PC and tablet models have upgraded to Windows.

Those are some pretty interesting stats despite the criticism of the OS with respect to privacy and that is not all as some people don’t have it yet because they do not qualify for the free upgrade. We’ll definitely watch how this plays out in the long term.

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