TrueMessenger will block your spam SMSs and reveal anonymous numbers

True Software Scandinavia AB company, developer of TrueCaller and TrueDialer apps have launched another revolutionary app, aimed at making the SMS experience smarter and more social. It is called Truemessenger.

Below are some features of the Truemessenger app:
•       The ability to put a name to a number, even for contacts outside your phonebook
•       The resources to detect, block, and report spam alongside other Truecaller members to build a smarter community
•       The option to avoid messages from unwanted numbers and contacts
•       A clean Inbox where spam messages are magically sent to a separate folder
•       The ability to add advanced filtering options by creating customized filters with known spam keywords or number       series (area codes or country codes
•       Truemessenger Bonus: Exclusive message alert tone brought to you by Avicii

For now, it is only available for Android phones (Google Play Store).


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