Tecno Confirms Marshmallow Update for Camon C8

Tecno has officially confirmed that the bestselling Camon C8 will receive the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update which was released earlier in the year.

The Android Marshmallow update comes with the following features, in a bid to make the OS more secure, easier to use and generally more efficient in managing your device’s resources:

  1. App Permissions
  2. Web Experience
  3. Android Pay
  4. App links
  5. Power Management
  6. Improved cut, copy and Paste
  7. Auto Back-up and Restore for Apps
  8. RAM manager
  9. Rotating Home screen
  10. Visual Voicemail
  11. Dark Theme
  12. The App Menu has been redesigned

The Camon C8 is currently Tecno’s bestselling device for the year and these additional features will only complement the great hardware that the C8 already boasts of. Imagine the dark theme on that phone, night usage will become better as this is a device that prides itself on being up to par even in low light conditions.

Better power management will only improve the nice battery that comes with the C8, allowing you to use it for longer periods. With a default RAM manager, it should be easier to optimally use the resources of the device and allow you to perform more functions (and of course, play more games) seamlessly with no lag.

Auto back-up and restore of apps allows you to automatically backup your apps so for those of you who flash your phones or switch phones at will, you can definitely restore them without issues.

The app permissions allows you to determine which app has access to what and this way, no app can leak information that you didn’t give it access to. This update puts the argument that Tecno doesn’t do OTA (Over-The-Air) updates for their smartphones to rest.

Essentially, this makes this update a very welcome one for the C8. However, even though this is to be a normal thing from now on, we hope it will come faster. We also won’t mind if the accompanying software makes the camera better than it already is.

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