SVNED Officially Launches VoguePay in Silicon Valley

On October 2nd, 2019 SV-NED hosted their signature Entrepreneur Series featuring Michael Simeon and signifying the launch of VoguePay. The event itself was attended by a large audience including Denise Williams, the president and co-founder of SV-NED, and panelists: Agatha Bacelar U.S. Congressional Candidate, California District 12; Irina Berkon, Managing Director, Golden Seeds; Lara Jordan Founder & CEO, Pericus Ventures; Anna Zuo Senior Vice President & Regional Manager, East West BankMohammed Ibrahim Jega Head of Business Development, VoguePay; Geoffrey Weli Wosu, Legal Compliance and Marketing, VoguePay; and Daniel Steeves, Senior Advisor, VoguePay. The culturally diverse audience consisted of individuals working in fields ranging from investment banking to electronic trading.

The panel acknowledged the challenges posed by the global economy as a starting point. As a result of a lack of uniform access, the present state of the world economy is skewed. Business owners and entrepreneurs in emerging countries require necessary resources and means to obtain proper capital to support the growth of their businesses to scale, but often have difficulty accessing these success drivers. 

L-R: Lara Jordan – Pericus Ventures, Irina Berkon – Golden Seeds Angel Investors, Anna Zou – SVP International and Commercial Banking East West Bank, Agatha Bacelar – U.S. Congressional Candidate District 12

On the other hand, individuals located in more affluent countries such as the United States are unable to finance everyone. Irina Berkon captured the issue when claiming “Right now, you cannot send a twenty-cent transaction to Nigeria or another country [without having] to pay PayPal twenty dollars to send [the] twenty cents.” 

With no cost-effective way of reaching the global market, how will international entrepreneurs obtain the capital they require? 

Enter VoguePay. 

VoguePay is an award-winning online payment gateway enabling individuals and businesses to send and receive payments globally. Placing an emphasis on efficiency, VoguePay promotes multi-channel and cross-currency transactions safer, cheaper, and more accessible for businesses and consumers in Africa and international markets. With the mission of lowering the barrier of entry for merchants and individuals around the world, ‘VoguePay Digital’ will allow individuals to own a single digital financial identity through blockchain technologies. Present-day, VoguePay offers transaction services to a global customer base of 100,000 merchants in markets including North America, South America, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

The global acceptance of bitcoin continues to exponentially increase. In an article titled “Confessions of a Reformed Crypto Doubter”, Bloomberg journalist Jared Dillian states: “[Cryptocurrency] is the ideal way to move capital seamlessly and secretly around the globe at a minimal cost.” With the prevalence of governmental restrictions, Cryptocurrency offers a safe alternative for transition exchanges. Running in parallel to applications such as PayPal and other payment transfer platforms, VoguePay is currently in the process of creating its own cryptocurrency. Through this innovation, VoguePay aims to provide their clients with the most effective service for reaching a global market.

Hosting the event, SVNED has been a key player in creating a bridge of economic prosperity between Nigeria and the resources of Silicon Valley. With the goal of improving human capital globally, SVNED is committed to attracting capital investment in the field of information technology, agricultural technology, health technology, and education technology. Historically, the organization has hosted at the United Nations Women in Technology Conferences attracting top talents and speakers from NYU, LinkedIn, UPENN, and IBM Watson’s Group.

SVNED will continue to provide entrepreneurs and investors the platform to connect with new ideas and creations from across the globe with the resources from Silicon Valley.

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