Payporte drives online presence through the Opera Sponsored Web Pass

Payporte, ‘Nigeria’s leading online shopping portal’ is giving away free internet to hundreds of thousands of Nigerians on the Airtel network. This has been made possible through Opera’s Sponsored Web Pass, which enables brands to sponsor no-cost internet access through mobile operators to provide their customers with easy-to-understand methods of accessing the net.

According to research company Ipsos, Nigeria takes the leads in Africa in terms of online shopping uptake with over half of internet users having engaged with online shopping portals. However, data usage in Nigeria remains low in comparison to mobile penetration. Initiatives such as these aim to provide a free taste of the internet for those who do not regularly go online.

Payporte is sponsoring 100,000 days of free internet every month for six months. “E-commerce is revolutionising the way in which many Nigerians shop. We at Payporte are thrilled to provide free internet to current and future online shoppers and give them a taste for everything the internet has to offer,” said Eyo Bassey, MD, PayPorte Global System.

Richard Monday, VP Africa for Opera Software, stated that “Opera Software endeavours to pioneer solutions that facilitate low or no-cost access to mobile internet. We’re excited to work with Payporte and our operator partners in Nigeria to help bring more people online.”

Airtel Nigeria subscribers can find the free pass by going to

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