Opera Unveils New Brand Identity

Opera, formerly known as Opera Software, unveiled their new brand identity yesterday replacing the most recent logo which they started using in 2013 to a new one.

The 20-year-old company which started a browser company now has other subsidiaries including Opera Mediaworks which serves mobile ads to over 1 billion people.

According to Sean D’Arcy, “We envision Opera’s new logo as a portal quickly connecting you with what you’re looking for on the web. The 3-dimensional “O” symbolizes a gateway that leads you to more: more content, more discoveries, more answers, more communication, more fun, more data savings, more of life – whatever you seek online, Opera helps you do more!”

Opera will also be dropping the ‘Software’ in their name as they feel they have now grown beyond the boundaries of a regular software company due to their diversifying acquisitions so they will rather be regarded as an internet company.

The new logo is expected to roll out to mobile devices first, starting with Opera Mini on iOS, before rolling out across board to other Opera-owned apps, platform and subsidiaries.

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