Nigeria’s NIBSS Requires Bank Verification Number for Developer Hangout

The Nigeria Inter Bank Settlement System popularly known as NIBSS will be holding a Developer Hangout for application developers and business owners on the 18th of September in Lagos, Nigeria.

NIBSS provides the infrastructure for automated processing, settlement of payments and fund transfer instructions between Banks, Discount Houses and Card Companies in Nigeria. It is equally owned by all the licensed banks in Nigeria.

The hangout which is tagged “The New Wave” is expected to be an informal gathering for developers with interests in e-commerce and payments to discuss, network and share knowledge and success stories. However, they require your Bank Verification Number (BVN) for you to be registered.

Contact - NIBSS Developers Hangout

We do know that everyone with a bank account in Nigeria is supposed to have a BVN but for a hangout that is supposed to be ‘informal’, is that really necessary or is it just a way to reduce the number of supposed registrations? In a country where data protection is not exactly a priority, we think this is a misuse of such sensitive information.

Whatever their reasons maybe, if you are still interested in registering for the conference though, you can do that on the hangout website. We hope it is really worth the BVN.

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