Next BlackBerry Device has an 18MP Camera?

Every year, BlackBerry releases a flagship that tops their product line. In 2013, it was the BlackBerry Z30. Last year, it was the BlackBerry Passport. This year, rumors are rife that it will be a device codenamed ‘Venice’. As usual, different specs are leaked online but they are all unconfirmed until the product ships.

Each year’s flagship tend to outdo the last in terms of specs. BlackBerry Passport had a 13MP camera and a 3GB RAM almongst other things which bests the BlackBerry Z30’s 8MP camera and 2GB RAM. The BlackBerry Venice is said to be a slider device with 18MP and maybe an Android version as unconfirmed rendering show us.


The Passport’s camera was nice and I hope this one is way better. It is not by the number of megapixels.

Image Credit: CrackBerry

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