Managing Your Cheap Data Plans as a Blogger

For bloggers internet is an imperative resource. Bad thing however is that Nigeria, and most of Africa, has not invested much or capitalized on the resourcefulness of the internet.

For a blogger, when considering internet access making a pocket friendly choice is important. Other factors to consider are speed, network coverage, reliability and broadband. Let’s do a dual categorization:

  • THE LEGAL DATA PLAN: plans that fall within this category are official plans from the mobile network carrier:

CHEAPEST MTN BUNDLE: the MTN day and night plan which goes for #2000 for 4.5 gigs, 1.5 gigs during the daytime and 3 gigs at night. To activate send 102 t0 131.

CHEAPEST AIRTEL BUNDLE: use the airtel 2 in 1 package which is 2gigs for #1500, to subscribe dial *440*16# or send bbum to 440. To activate the other 4.5gigs for #3500 and the 2gigs for #2500 packages dial *141*1#.

CHEAPEST ETISALAT BUNDLE: this goes for 2gigs for #2000 to activate dial *229*7# and send.

CHEAPEST GLO BUNDLE: for the #2500 for 4.5gigs dial *127*58#, #5000 for 12gigs dial *127*2# and #8000 for 24gigs dial *127*1#. Or better still you use the glo #18000 platinum plan, to activate dial *127*13#.

Or  you could still use the multi links broadband offers which offers hours not data for a specified amount visit any of their outlets for more information.

So glo still has the best offer, best coverage and broadband In terms of data subscription for bloggers.

Note:  if you’re using a PC then you have to use a dial up modem or connect your phone as hotspot or you tether it to your pc via usb, note your wifi on both devices must be on.


  • ILLEGAL DATA PLAN: these involves using so many third party apps to byepass firewalls and hide your i.p address like the simple server for system and android.

To use cheat on system: run simple server and wait till you see ready then you configure your browser and idm with the i.p and ports, and 8080 and start surfing after your modem must have been connected. To use your phone as modem with this cheat you change the mtn apn to the above i.p and port.

To use cheat on your phone: i.e if your blog with your phone you root your phone, then your download a proxy set and simple server run both of them and change your to the same one used for systems above, Then you good to go.


  1. Ensure automatic update is turned off.
  2. Synchronization is turned off
  3. Use a data economic browser
  4. Make sure you are solely searching for news to blog and not any unproductive surfing.
  5. Off your internet antivirus firewall and auto update to.
  6. Off windows defender.


  1. Turn off background data
  2. Go to playstore, activate only update apps over wifi
  3. Use a data minimizing browser
  4. Off auto synchronization
  5. Off data when you’re not making use of it.
  6. Off automatic download of images, videos and files from your various application
  7. Deny some apps internet access until the request for it
  8. Use a data warning and limiting application

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