“Management Decision” – Why GLO can’t give us unlimited data

Data charge is still quite expensive in Nigeria. The best data charge that N2,756 ($13) will get you is around 3 to 4GB. In Tanzania, it’s a different story, 30,000TSH ($13) will get you 20,480MB or 20GB. The night plan on TIGO Magaboksi (2 nights validity) is 30GB for only 1,000TSH; the equivalent of $0.46 or N92.

This morning, a Nigerian woke up to inquire of some Internet/Telecom Service Providers why data is expensive in the country, and the response from Globacom Limited, while sad, is equally hilarious.

In case an Internet Service Provider will be competent enough to answer the question appropriately, we co-ask: “What is stopping you from providing unlimited internet service?”

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