#IFA2015: Lenovo hits the market with PHAB and PHAB+

Live at the ongoing IFA2015 in Berlin, Lenovo, finally announced the introduction into the mobile space – PHAB and PHAB Plus which is the bigger device to 7″ device (actually 6.8″) with a clear and cool display of 1920 x 1080 wrapped by unibody metallic design. The device is loaded with Snapdragon 615 processor inside with a massive internal disk space of 32GB with the help of a very good RAM of 2GB to do justice to this device and not to render it internal storage space useless and also not put massive 3D apps to shame. Despite all these, there is still room for SD card slot, seriously put so much work into delivering this highend smart gadget into the hand of it end-user is the rear camera 13MP with a nice battery power worth of 3500mAh.

The second device comes with less spec to accommodate the consumer in that bracket compared to the PHAB Plus. Which is the PHAB, (though, the model is unspecified), this comes with 1GB RAM (with size of 6.98″) and embedded is an internal memory of 16GB ( with room for expandable SD Card),like that is just the main difference, the company go further to ensure battery, as this is key in smartphones these days as they are mid-range laptop, the PHAB has 4500mAh with a screen of 1280 x 720 resolution and support Dual SIM which is now the main order of the day.

Both of these devices are currently running Android 5.0 Lollipop with less customisation in terms of interface but loaded with shrinkable feature to accommodate one-hand operation, the PHAB will be hitting the market this month regions like Eastern Europe China Latin American to mention but a few at the moment. The PHABPlus entry market price is tagged at $299 while the PHAB in itself comes with $174 for both and been unlocked.

The Lenovo PHAB series entry makes room for midpoint for both tablet and smartphone, optimised for one-hand/single-hand usage regardless of it close to 7″ size which is massive for the hand. The device promise screen issues and also overwhelming the prospective owners with the powerful battery life that is effective in delivery that internet, web-driven app, native app, movies, audio and entertainment games or video in all-day battery life.

Lenovo PHAB Plus boasts a full HD display optimized for one-hand usage and provides an unrivalled viewing and sound experience, all within an attainable and very competitive US$299 price tag,” said Jeff Meredith, General Manager and Vice President, Tablet Business Unit, Lenovo.

The Lenovo PHAB Plus is Lenovo’s response to the PHABlet market—combining the best of both smartphones and tablets in one very cool device. “The Lenovo PHAB Plus with Dolby Atoms delivers breath-taking, movie audio for an amazing mobile entertainment experience. Not forgetting the gaming consumers with the help of internal Snapdragon 615 octacore chip with 2GB to further help in enjoying the games and all the 3D or Blu-ray movies.

The Lenovo PHAB Plus and PHAB will be available from Lenovo, in September USD$299 and at USD$179, respectively. Below are the currently planned markets and countries:

  • MEA: UAE, KSA, Nigeria, Egypt
  • SEA: Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia
  • PRC (People’s Republic of China)
  • Indonesia
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