How To Send/Request Money/Airtime on BBM using Quickteller

Interswitch recently announced a partnership that allows you to send and receive money and airtime via BBM, not unlike PayPal’s which was announced some months back.

First, you need to download the Quickteller Mini app –

After downloading the app, you will be required to sign in with your Quickteller credentials and also activate that device using a One Time Password or Safetoken.


When your device has been activated, the app will request permission from BBM to be integrated. Once that is done, you will be able to request for funds/airtime from inside a chat in BBM.


To request for funds/airtime, go to the attach button, then click on the Quickteller button. A window showing your current eCash balance pops up with other buttons to show your Request History, Request Money and Request Airtime.


If you pick Request Money, you are asked how you want the money received – either in your bank account or in your eCash wallet – and any message you want to send to the person you are requesting from.


And if you pick Request Airtime, you are asked for the network, the phone number and any message for the request receiver.


The catch is that the person you are requesting from must also have the app installed on his or her phone.

Here are the download links – Android. BlackBerry. It is not available for iOS yet. Another excuse for not paying up that cash has been taken away.

One curious thing we want to ask Interswitch though – why would anyone want to pay a ‘maga’ in this day and age?


The image from the Quickteller Mini app on the BlackBerry World listing.

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