Global Coworking Movement finally arrives in Lagos!

The Coworking Conference is a global event that happens in major cities all over the world from London, Dublin and New York to Cape Town, Penang and Melbourne. And for the first time, it is here in Lagos!

Global Coworking leading platforms, including DeskMag and Coworking Insights, are collaborating with Venia Business Hub to host Nigeria’s first Coworking Conference on July 27th 2017, in Lagos.

In recent years, there has been a phenomenal rise in the adoption and impact of coworking globally and Nigeria has not been left behind in this new wave. Indeed, Nigeria has experienced a significant surge in Coworking Spaces – both in overall number and in diversity of specialization. This rise in Coworking spaces is gradually creating an exciting ecosystem, with value creation, opportunities for service providers, entrepreneurs and investors.

This July 2017, the long-awaited event will bring together global experts, entrepreneurs, investors, service providers, and leading figures in the Nigeria’s coworking industry, to explore the drivers of the growth in coworking spaces in Nigeria, and the opportunities and value being created. “I believe that for Nigeria to grow economically, its entrepreneurs have to thrive creatively and the Coworking Industry has to lead the charge in providing innovative environments to make this happen. Coworking is part of the future of work and it is time we harness its full potential.” said Kola Oyeneyin, the Creator of Coworking Conference Nigeria, and a disruptive innovator in his own right.

The Conference is set to hold on 27th July, 2017. It is FREE for pre-qualified entreprenuers, freelancers, service providers and investors but limited seats are available. To register, get involved and secure your seat, log on to and follow the conversation across social media via @CoworkingNG and #CWCLagos

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