Garmin, Global GPS Lifestyle Tech Company To Meet With Potential Partners

The CEO of Garmin Sub-Saharan Africa, invites you to meet with our trade delegation in Lagos, Nigeria in the first week of December 2016. The purpose of the trade delegation is to engage with prospective businesses partners in West Africa who have strong distribution and/or reselling capabilities.

With global annual revenues of over U$2.9 billion and a presence in 54 territories around the globe, Garmin has sold over 100 million products sold worldwide, and have realised that it is important to have the right mix of channel partners, products and tools available in each territory to provide product support.

The extensive ranges of products serve many industries including Marine, Outdoor, Automotive, Sports and Wellness. Garmin’s products are tools that are suited to developing economies where infrastructure requirements are extensive and mapping out of new boundaries, roads, waypoints are key to the countries expansion.

Our range of Outdoor handheld devices are used in sustainable farming to acquire information to plot out a field, calculate the area coverage for planting seedlings or determining the land gradient of a farm. They are also used in mine surveying and construction to mark waypoints and capture GPS recorded data with some devices having a built in camera.

Our Marine products make use of GPS and sonar technology, to map and view fish under water which is a valuable aid in subsistence fishing. With the expansion of cities and roads in Accra, Lagos, Yamoussoukro, Yaoundé, Libreville and Dakar, the Garmin Automotive products become a valuable tool in navigating the streets, finding petrol stations, hotels, restaurants, and shopping centres.

Garmin have a range of Wearable Tech health and wellness watches that are smart devices and are able to connect to multiple platforms and Mobile operating systems. Consumers want to track certain behaviours like sleep, steps, calories, Heart Rate, and general personal data. All this data is recorded by a Garmin watch that can later be displayed on a Smart Device through the Garmin Connect App. Data received on the smartphone, like text messages, calendar alerts, emails, can also be displayed on the watch. Large telco organisations are adopting wearable tech as a value add offering to their customer base.

Our Sports and Fitness products are also used by top runners, cyclists and multi-sport athletes around the world.

Garmin will be hosting discussions on West African business opportunities to resell, distribute and service our wide range of GPS products and solutions. To register for a meeting email us directly on [email protected]

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