FULL REVIEW: Innjoo Max 2 Plus 3G

The cool outlook of this smartphone is a very cool and smart one, I almost compared it with Infinix Hot 2, Android One, as the bevel of the phone is big and eats deep a little into screen and still have the navigation buttons on-screen but thanks to this device looking almost similar to but the bevel size is pretty small compared to Android One and I believe it’s for a good cause and purpose, simply because the bevel houses the three navigational keys and it was a nice idea and it leaves the screen maintaining the same 5.5 inches it claim to comes in.


The power button on the right hand side, while the volume buttons are located on the left hand side where the 3.5mm earphone jack is located at the top and the speaker with the USB plug for system connection or charging is located at the bottom while the device look sleek it has it weight, which is somehow 130g. Less talk and much into the main reviews proper.

5.5-inch display HD IPS
16 GB internal memory, expandable to 128GB external
1 GB RAM 1.3 GHz quad-core processor
13MP back camera, 5MP front camera
4600mAh battery
Android KitKat 5.1

The crafting of the device is a good and find looking form, except that it has weight which cannot hide, because immediately it handed over to you you feel the weight immediately but as well it takes clue from the fact that if you’re phone leaves your body, you feel the weight loss. The icons need to have worked on as they tend to look as the graphic-loss and colored need more work because it makes the look more blurred, after all been said, the device is really sleek and cool tho!

The device is very alright in its config, the device is packed with an internal memory of 16GB with capacity to expand up to 128GB and not forgetting that the RAM is 1GB and the fact that it is a quad-core processor such that it prices far but I suggest it should have come with a 2GB or better still have it in 2 variant. It will be better if the device could come with it own memory card slot rather than choosing either second sim or memory card.

The fact that it is 13MP autofocus and 5MP front facing camera with a front facing flash makes it a want-to-own device, but critically the front facing flash is simply a minus as the flash is not showing the real flash in nature. The inbuilt camera did a pretty awesome job in terms of delay timing but the image captured is not cool as expected, getting a third party camera app helps in bringing out our showing that it can delivered good images, but it has a little delay time for this party camera app, even the Google camera app give quality images with both the front and back camera, I believe their is a little work in that regard.

Yes, it comes in a 5.5 inches screen size and gracefully managed the bevel to bring this out without on-screen navigational keys where the bevel is a normal and moderate size and as well houses the navigational keys on that a big kudos.

If you’re keen and concerned about battery that delivers, I believe this is the right services compared to as many that were in the store today, because the services own an inbuilt 4600mAh battery capacity, though it is easy to say with spec but testing this out, it prices itself. The battery with a rigorous usage lasted yo up to 48 hours when fully charged, you are the type that use phone ruggedly this week suit your kind of person and if you are the type that manage and show concern for your phone and battery then this device is best suit for you.


Connectivity and network
The connectivity of the device is article with 2G or 3G and not inbetween such that when the network is strong the phone give a good support in delivering the desired quality of network and judiciously manage battery in that regard. Aside that it supports Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth is another cool feature in it response to pairing and sharing.

The preloaded operating system of this device is Android 5.1 codenamed Lollipop and that is one of the reason why instead of examining email separately it will be placed under this, simply because from Android 4.4 KitKat email has been revamp and the need for email separately as an app has been deprecated and in other to cater for that the need to upgrade Gmail to cater for the absence of this email app, hence, with Gmail apps now consumer can have all their email in one single app and this accommodate your email from wherever provider which u think it’s a standard considered from 4.4 KitKat and above.


Additional icing on the cake.
One key cleaning of running apps, if you are the type that prefer to clean all running background app at once rather than swiping apps one after the other it is a good time to make use of the one button cleaning features that comes handy with The device and also it never abandon those that still prefer swiping.

What is missing or needs improvement.
The developer feature is not  functioning, so if you are a developer and considering this device you might need to check once again before giving it a shot, which I believe they will work on it as fast as possible.
The feature is actually there but the Developers might need to be sure that they have the right USB cord that comes with the device and even aside that proper check need to be done.
The delay timing of the camera lag with a significant seconds which is obviously noticed for third party camera and only works fine with the inbuilt camera and the quality of image or captured scene is not emmm, okay I zipped my mouth on that issue.
The rear flashlight is superb while the front camera is either needed to be recheck or totally remove because it is not achieving what purpose it is meant to be fulfilled.
The memory card slot and sim card issue needs to sort out because it will be obvious why customers will not be looking at the device when they discovered that they will locked out to use second sim or memory card, they (customer) want to have dual sim supported and still use memory card which can only be the reason why customer can ignore the device and go for the likes of Tecno, Infinix or any other brand that supports Those feature is a plus for such item or device.

Battery: 92%
Camera: 80%
Spec: 87%
Connectivity: 78%
Sim/memory: 72%
Size: 85%
Design: 95%
Weight: 70%

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