Five Best Coworking Spaces In Africa

Coworking spaces have become a norm all over the world, and it’s getting increasingly difficult to see clear differentiators in coworking spaces as most coworking spaces are beautiful and breathtaking. In Africa, there are some spaces that seem to be leading the pack and have made sure they clearly differentiate themselves and they lead the pack not only in aesthetics but with the services offered. Their excellent set of service can be attested to with the kind of reviews they get from the public and users of coworking spaces. Below are five coworking spaces in Africa doing great and expanding the boundaries with excellent and quality service offering.

  • Venia Business Hub, Nigeria: As one of the pioneers of coworking spaces in Nigeria, Venia Business Hub has continued to set the pace as the best, with its continuous ability to push the frontiers of innovation and help aid ease of doing business for investors coming in to Nigeria, this coworking space is absolutely the best coworking space in Lagos for any new investor or foreign business that wants to have a physical presence in Nigeria. Venia Business Hub has packages that set it apart and is situated in a prime location that all businesses desire. A walk into the Hub shows a workspace at its finest with excellent customer service. Take our word for it and check out the Google reviews of this space, it’s a whopping 106! Good deal for a Hub enabling businesses in a tough terrain like Nigeria. Any time you come to Lagos, you should book a tour of this coworking space. Be rest assured that you are in good company as multinational companies and tech firms like, Taxify, Eskimi, among others are members of the Venia community.

  • Nairobi Garage, Kenya: At the heart of Kenya’s startup scene is The Garage, Nairobi’s largest coworking space built for cocreators and thinkers. Garage is one of the pioneers of coworking spaces with a well-recognized brand, and friendly coworking space in Kenya. A certainly unique thing about The Garage is the way it allows users freedom to customize their space. You can brand your space anyhow you deem fit and according to your taste. The spaces are designed with collaboration in mind. Each space is designed to be an open-plan office, with areas for privacy and group work, or simply to get away from your desk. Been at Garage means you will be sharing the space with some of the most innovative brands in the world, from Uber to and other big multinationals. Think of it; with 93 reviews on Google, entrepreneurs simply can’t stop talking about The Garage.

  • Cogite, Tunisia: When it comes to the wonders of coworking and the beautiful expressions it has to offer, Cogite is well suited for the title. Cogite is one of the coolest co-working spaces in Africa, with a location right on the water, next to the airport, and just to the east of the city centre. The space is everything a worker needs and yearns for, from beautiful gardens to a nice and serene environment to collaborative spaces, and to top it all, a swimming pool! It also hosts interesting events that elicit valid and creative conversations around innovation and it brings together a varied group of workers from all stations and works of life. Cogite is simply in a class of its own.

  • The Bandwidth Barn, South Africa: The Barn is an excellent space for business owners and startups and is regarded as one of the leading ICT business incubators in South Africa. With offerings which include events and development programs and two locations in prime areas. The Barn is a collaborative workspace doing great for entrepreneurs as it boasts of a community space that enhances tech entrepreneurship and innovation. With about 40 Google reviews from startups who have used the space, great Initiatives and innovations are always churned out from the space.

  • Moto Republik, Zimbabwe: This coworking space is moderately priced with a great view due to its rooftop garden and restaurant. Moto Republik is uniquely set as the space is built in super nice refurbished containers! This is quite a thing as it is eco-friendly and super cool. Moto Republik is an excellent space for interactions and collaborations with professionals from all industries and this coworking space is quite a bobbling place like you’ve never seen before in Africa.

These five coworking spaces have all but set standards that other coworking spaces strive to follow. They do not compete much on aesthetics as all are beautiful but they give more in terms of value to the startup community and they have set themselves up as the best enablers of businesses.

Image Source: Cogite, Disrupt Africa, Nairobi Garage, Moto Rublik, Venia Business Hub.

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