Facebook Launches OpenCellular, Similar To Google Fi

Over the past few years, most of the tech giants have realised that connectivity is a major challenge. Facebook and Google especially have continually tried to increase the number of connected people all over the world with various projects. From Facebook’s Free Basics to Google’s Project Loon.


Facebook announced OpenCellular which is a project that aims to provide a more affordable wireless access to remote areas. The project is opensource and also involves hardware as Facebook recognises that the cost of equipment and infrastructure can be quite prohibitive but the importance of internet access is continually growing.

The point is to provide wireless access to the Internet over anything from a 2G to LTE network but OpenCellular could also be used to provide a local network, too. The device will most likely be deployed in unfavourable conditions, so the design is supposed to make them rugged enough to withstand high winds and extreme temperatures while still being small enough to be deployed by an individual.
OpenCellular Device

Facebook’s push for a more connected world has not been without challenges, with India and Egypt banning its Free Basics programme.

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