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Exclusive Photos of Tecno’s yet-to-be-released 5000mAh Smartphone

Exclusive Photos of Tecno’s yet-to-be-released 5000mAh Smartphone

Generally, we have a power supply issue on this continent and smartphones right now need to be charged every now and then for you to stay connected. Most smartphones boast of taking you though 24hours but Tecno is pushing that limit with a smartphone that packs a punch in terms of battery capacity. With heavy use, we are yet to exhaust the battery for over 60 hours now.



In comparison to Tecno’s other brands like the Camon series and the Phantom series, the L5 is expected to be quite affordable but despite that, they didn’t totally forgo the entertainment part of the device as it comes with Tecno’s Boom Player, and the speakers are quite good.


Here are the specs:

Display: 4.5″ IPS.

Battery: 5000mAh

Processor: Quadcore, 1.3GHz.

Memory: RAM – 1GB, ROM – 8GB

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OS: Android 5.1

Camera: 5MP rear camera


It would be more affordable than most android Lollipop devices on the market, it is portable for the weight in battery that it is packing. The L5 is set to enter the market later this month. The price point is expected to be below 15000 Naira.

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  • The rate at which these guys keep dropping off stuffs, Ha! Nawa o….first it was the Camon C8, they released Phantom 5 again and now is a power bank phone! smh

  • Applause to the Tecno team really, It is such a great feat to put up a phone like this for
    country with epileptic power supply

  • Eleyi tun ga o, ewo tu ni fonu one ina pupo bayi


    This is awesome o, which one is a mobile phone that has so much power?

    PS: I understand englsih but I prefer to speak in YORUBA

  • The battery of this phone will last forever. The 4.5 inch is perfect for me and will also make the battery last longer

  • I am going to get one for myself as back up. The battery is huge and I think I should as least 2 get days of moderate use with this

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