BodSquare Will Help Small Business Owners Effectively Retain Their Customers

Fast-growing unified Communications platform Sendchamp, has just launched a new product called Bodsquare. Bodsquare is a mobile tool that allows businesses to be able to chat with their customers, get insights about their business and remarket to their customers from their mobile phones.

This solution was born out of the need to cater to small businesses that want to be able to handle their communication from a mobile phone. Thus, eliminating the hassle of juggling conversations on multiple channels and missing messages or not responding to them on time.

Although Africa boasts of over 50 million businesses, only a few become hugely successful. A huge chunk of businesses are unable to scale because they haven’t been able to hack customer retention. With over 865 million mobile subscribers in Africa and about 30% of them being internet subscribers growing 27% YoY, business owners need a way to reach and retain their customers. 

Bodsquare is a one-stop shop that lets business owners chat with their customers across different channels, improve support and personalize messages to remarket to customers, increasing retention rate from less than 10% to over 30%.

According to Goodness Kayode, the company’s CEO, “Every sale begins and ends with conversation and every business needs to retain their customers. The focus of most communication tools has been for companies with a technical team, not for that vendor on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter who is trying to grow her business. We are helping small businesses have access to their customers by providing actionable business insights that let them track what channels bring them customers and remarket to them.

A few years ago, many businesses did not have websites/domain names but that has changed now. We believe that as more apps are developed and released, it will get more cumbersome for businesses to manage communications across multiple channels but with Bodsquare, you’d be able to do that with ease. We’re the first solution in Africa for this.” Bodsquare currently boasts over 500 onboarded businesses in less than 2 weeks of launch and is set to multiply that number in no time and is available on Apple store and Playstore

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