Android One vs Internet.Org – A Battle for the World’s Two Thirds

Android one officially launched in Africa yesterday as it flagged off in Nigeria with the Infinix Hot2. The program, as launched by Google is aimed at providing affordable devices to persons owning a smartphone for the first time. That is the major goal, but of course the program will benefit low to mid range income earners, students, rural dwellers, and persons seeking to own a secondary mobile phone.

Internet.Org on other hand, is the brain child of Mark Zuckerberg. The goal is to create “global partnership between technology leaders, nonprofits, local communities and experts who are working together to bring the internet to the two thirds of the world’s population that don’t have it.”

To fulfill the call of its vision, Internet.Org launched an App July, 2014 and it is apparent that therein will be the gateway to the Internet a la gratis!

The goal of both projects is ambitious and has reached significant milestones, they have different operating modes. is a platform that basically works by providing an app embedded with weather, elibraries, search, Maternal action, wikipedia and other various resource tools, and has launched in partnership with in Zambia, Tanzania, Indonesia, India, Kenya, Colombia, and Ghana.

Android one uses the Android’s vast network of OEMs to deploy a near stock Android operating system on low to mid range mobile smartphones to various countries worldwide. The project has launched in India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Phillipines, Turkey, Pakistan, and Nigeria.

There’s no doubt that both projects are on a trajectory to succeed, the question is, what model do you think will scale the fastest, or be the most successful? The price is about 5 billion people.

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